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A Place Held in the Palm of Nature
Delivered at Morning Prayers in Harvard's Memorial Church on February 7, 2020.

I spent the summer of 2018 in a rustic one room cabin on a small pond in Western Maine. It was the best summer of my life. I walked to the mossy spring at the bend in the road to fill jugs for drinking water; I had only intermittent cell phone reception; and my daily bath was a brisk dip in the pond. Two things made that summer special.

G HDS garden.png

Dirt Education
Gardening As Ministry

My field education job title for the summer of 2019 is Garden Goddess! My joyous duties include coordinating a team of students, faculty and staff to plant, tend and harvest produce from the Harvard Divinity School’s organic vegetable garden. Our twelve raised beds...


One Tree At a Time

Beginning in the Fall of 2017 I took a three-year leave from my teaching at the University of Maine Farmington to pursue a Master’s of Divinity degree at Harvard Divinity School. So far, it’s been an intellectually and spiritually challenging experience that has helped me grow as a thinker, a teacher and a person-in-the-world. One of my favorite classes has been ...


Watch a dragonfly emerge!

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