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Earthly Love: Stories of Intimacy and Devotion from Orion Magazine

Earthly Love is Orion’s most ambitious anthology yet, a combination of poetry and prose that illuminates the nature of love in the Anthropocene.

With an introduction by Barry Lopez, the book includes fifteen personal essays and nineteen poems. A combination of new work and favorites from the Orion archive, Earthly Love covers subjects like making declarations, going to weddings, touching hands for the first time, eating the ten-thousandth meal together, queering nature, hunting, coming out, breaking up, reading the personal ads, sharing apples, salt, and blackberries, slug sex, and more.

Contributors: A.R. Ammons, Ellen Bass, Traci Brimhall, Tom Crawford, Deborah DeNicola, Natalie Diaz, Duy Doan, David James Duncan, Camille Dungy, James Galvin, Lance Garland, Eva Hooker, Pam Houston, Cynthia Huntington, Alex Carr Johnson, Joseph O. Legaspi, Gretchen Legler, Cate Lycurgus, Teddy Macker, David Tomas Martinez, Jean Monahan, Kathleen Dean Moore, Laurel Nakanishi, Nick Neely, Mary Rose O’Reilley, Nathaniel Perry, Robert Michael Pyle, Jill Sisson Quinn, Pattiann Rogers, Scott Russell Sanders, Mark Schimmoeller, James Thomas Stevens, Mark Sullivan, and Katrina Vandenberg.

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