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Women on the Verge

Veteran editor Susan Fox Rogers brings together a collection of essays centered on the "ecstatic experience" (i.e. non-sexual) in lesbian life.

In this lively, eclectic collection, veteran anthologist Susan Fox Rogers explores the passionate experiences of lesbians that exist outside of sex and/or romance. From an essay on "being" Superman as a kid to ones on rafting and sky-diving; from being arrested for political activism to the overwhelming and complicated urge to procreate, these pieces seek to represent the unexplored territory in modern lesbian life. Including work from Lucy Jane Bledsoe, Marcia Munson, Karla Jay, Linnea Due, among many others, these personal essays and memoirs with their sharp insight and complexly rendered moments, pairing humor with serious political thought, make up a wholly original and utterly compelling anthology in Women on the Verge.

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