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A Different Angle Flyfishing stories By Women

"Many of these writers came to fly fishing in order to defy, or to wow, or to woo a man. But once the River speaks, the man becomes a superfluous distraction and a woman finds herself standing alone, in living water, defying and wowing the self. This is the moment the fly fisher is born. This beautiful birth is the heartbeat of these stories." -David James Duncan, author of "The River Why" and "The Brothers K" 

Includes stories by Pulitzer-Prize-winner E. Anne Proulx, "Cowboys Are My Weakness" author Pam Houston, fly casting champion Joan Slavato Wulff, Lorian Hemingway, LeAnne Schreiber, and more 
Since the success of "Fly Fishing Through the Midlife Crisis" and "A River Runs Through It," fly fishing has been growing in popularity among both sexes.

Both men and women will enjoy these sometimes poignant, more often humorous tales of uniformly high literary quality.This anthology contains short stories about women's experiences with the male-dominated sport of fly fishing, and their adventures, thoughts, and discoveries while casting a reel.

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