Divinity School

After the 2016 election, sick at heart and wondering what she could do for our ailing world and our angry country, Gretchen decided to go to Divinity School to learn more about compassion. During her three years at Harvard Divinity School Gretchen is most proud of the time she spent as the “garden goddess” caring for and creating community around the school’s Community Garden, and the way she worked with others to protest the cutting down of the 100-plus-year-old Divinity Oak. All this clarified for her that, as poet Mary Oliver has said, “Attention is the beginning of devotion.” Her “ministry” always had been, through her writing and teaching, to attend to the beauty and divinity of the natural world and inspire love for the natural world in others. She returned to the University of Maine Farmington to teach and helped bring to fruition a campus garden, where students, faculty and staff join together to grow organic vegetables and create safe places for pollinators and other creatures.